Soi Dog Charity


We at Knit and Purl are pleased to announce that we are supporting the Soi Dog Charity. Frank has created a Purple colored handle for the Knit and Purl Tool, which will represent Soi Dog.

Soi Dog are a team of people in Asia, who are fighting relentlessly to end all butchering and consumption of dog meat. One of their biggest challenges is raising awareness of the plight of street dogs and cats (many of which were family pets that were stolen). At Soi Dog, they are working to bring the horrors of the dog meat trade to more people, who have no knowledge that this is even going on.

Soi Dog receives no Government support and rely totally on people for funding their work. Over 90% of all donations Soi Dog receives go directly to the animal welfare program. For more information on Soi Dog, please visit the website.

soidog-logoFor each purple handled Knit and Purl Tool sold, $2.50 will be donated to the Soi Dog Charity. Stitch markers in the color purple are made as a companion item to the purple handled Knit and Purl Tool. With the purchase of five (5) purple stitch markers at $12.00 each, a $1.50 will go to the Soi Dog Charity.

Those at Soi Dog and we at Knit and Purl Tool, thank you for supporting Soi Dog.
SOI DOG TOOL – $28.00 each

Hook Size

SOI DOG STITCH MARKERS – $12.00/pkg. 5

Loom used in photo above is a CinDwood Loom, 36-peg, 1/2-inch gauge.