A21 Rescue Charity


A21 is a non-profit organization fueled by the radical hope that human beings everywhere will be rescued from bondage and completely restored. By supporting A21, we are joining them as the new abolitionists of the 21st century. In the 21st century, there are millions of slaves. It is a $150 billion industry and out of the millions of slaves, only 1% is ever rescued.

The heart of A21 is for the one, the one woman, the one man, the one child, trapped and exploited, unable to see another end to their story. At A21 they see the one and fight for that one. To support A21 is to end human trafficking and to give that one freedom, independence and the chance for a better life. Every number represents a human life and every rescue brings us closer to being the last generation sold. For further information, please telephone A21 at 949-202-4681. A21 can also be reached on their website.

a21-logoFor each Orange handled Knit and Purl Tool sold, $2.50 will be donated to the A21 charity. Stitch markers in the color orange are made as a companion item to the orange handled Knit and Purl Tool. With the purchase of five (5) orange stitch markers at $12.00, $1.50 will go to the A21 charity.

Those at A21 and we at Knit and Purl Tool thank you for supporting A21.

A21 TOOL – $28.00 each

Hook Size

A21 STITCH MARKERS – $12.00/pkg. 5

Loom used in above photo is from Kiss Looms.