As you can see that the Knit and Purl Tool has a design like no other. Unlike a standard loom knitting tool, which has just one hook, the Knit and Purl Tool has two hooks on the same end. What does this mean to the loom knitter? It means that you are now able to make purl stitches faster than before, it means that you are now able to use that sock loom you have, but stopped using it because of the difficulty of creating a stitch on the narrow end.

With the traditional loom knitting tool, you make stitches by turning your wrist in a sideways motion. This type of action limits your mobility in a tight area, such as with a rectangle loom. The new Knit and Purl Tool works by using an up and down motion of the wrist. With this type of wrist action, you are able to navigate the tight areas of a knitting loom.

Upon receiving your Knit and Purl Tool, you will noticed that the two hooks, although similar, have a slightly different angle and height. Hook 1, which is the slightly higher hook and straighter, is used for taking hold of the existing stitch. Hook 2, which is slightly lower and with a little more curve than Hook 1, is used for taking hold of the working yarn. Hook 2 than pulls the working yarn through the existing stich and off of the peg. The yarn is then replaced on the peg by Hook 2, which now has created a new stitch. This action has been achieved by using an up/down motion of the wrist. Of course with all tools, each individual will utilize what works best for them when creating a stitch.


The photographs shown below demonstrates how to use the Knit and Purl Tool:

It’s that simple to do and you are now an expert at using the new Knit and Purl Tool.

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